Convenient payments for your business!

tentacless is a unique platform for Internet payments that allows you to receive funds and massive payments quickly and safely.

About us

Reliability and professionalism both are the basic constant of our work.

TENTACLESS is a team of talented and individual professionals who have come together to change and expand the boundaries of business anywhere in the world. We are happy to provide an opportunity for people with creative ideas to stand out, discover their talents and achieve success.

We create a platform that enables millions of people to build a brand and transact with their customers in a unique online space. Thanks to the rapid development of digital technologies, our team is moving forward and improving every day, inspiring you to turn the most adventurous ideas into reality!


We know how payments of the future will look like.

Combining our extensive knowledge and experience, as well as close relationships with leading issuers and financial institutions and innovative payment technologies, we have implemented the latest solutions.


Fast, easy, and flexible one-click-payment solution for your local and international customers.


Fast connection and simple setup for online payments provides seamless integration with e-commerce systems, as well as advanced customisation options


We use an integrated approach and the latest technologies to guarantee you a calm work and absolute safety of any operations.


Optimize conversions by offering your customers the most appropriate payment methods in any currency.


Use free access to our portal and mobile app where you can track your payments, your business effectively and the information you need about your customers.


Our support service is always ready to provide you with round-the-clock highly professional assistance in more than 20 languages of the world.


Hi-TECH opportunites to develop your business.

High competition among payment providers drives our technology skills and helps to ensure the success of your business. We confidently guarantee absolute security, availability and speed of any payment transactions


Our user-friendly tools take full control of the customer experience. The flexible and highly customizable platform allows you to quickly make changes to any workflow, while easily integrating with other systems, and provides effective management and control over your services.


Data security is important to us, and we are committed to protecting your customers' information as a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider in accordance with established industry standards and guidelines.


We use the latest and most effective software that instantly monitors the response and avoid all fraudulent and cyber attacks. Extensive verification of the activities of employees, customers and supplier guarantees protection against suspicious or unauthorized actions. We carry out automated vulnerability scans and rigorous external penetration testing.


A unique system of automatic notifications on your gateway does not require you to receive information through our API, webhooks send information to a specified destination when important events occur. Create webhooks for subscription status changes, disputes on transactions or to change Grant API payment method status.

Real customers stories


3 years ago we decided to create a design studio and open online courses. There was no experience at all, out of the many payment services we decided to cooperate with TENTACLESS, because they provided a non-standard set of simple and accessible functions in the field of providing solutions for online payments. This is the best partner for the development of a start-up business.

Monica Gonzalez - designer


Last year my business, like many others, suffered from COVID-19, I had to close my store and, in order not to go bankrupt, go online and cut the entire staff. TENTACLESS took over the entire financial routine, Now I don’t spend my time on it, and I devote more of my energy to further development, everything is controlled by TENTACLESS. My business is growing, I am full of new ideas!

Leonard Dick - online store owner


TENTACLESS confident in the security of this platform, no delays in payments, a convenient application and the ability to work seamlessly with the markets of Asia and Europe.

Parikshit Kumar - financier

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